This is my best friend Nick.

He and the rest of the crew pictured are volunteer firefighters. Nick is an all-American hero. This guy rode a bicycle from Portland to San Diego, volunteered a few years at a summer camp for inner-city kids and literally saved a little boy that fell down a well. Which sounds like I’m making that up.

He’s the kind of man that people write fiction novels that end up matching the events of his life.

“When you run into a blazing house it’s the weirdest thing seeing dinner tables with food still on the plates, TVs still on and computers with Facebook left on the screen while it’s melting along with everything else around them. People don’t plan for fires, they are usually going about their normal, everyday lives and the next thing they know they are running out of the house and away from everything they own”.


When I rode along with them, they told me I “have” to wear the outfit. Which, I did without complaint.


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