(The trailer for the documentary that I made. You might recognize Steven in the trailer)


This is Sergeant First Class Steven McDougle.

He’s served 22 years of active service. He is highly decorated and has served Bosnia twice, Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. Totaling 6 years and 3 months overseas.

When I went to Kuwait/Iraq in 2009, he was our escort to make sure that we were safe and well taken care of.

When we left Kuwait it was 136 degrees when we got on a military plane, when we reached top altitude I got incredibly sick. While I was filling both airplane sickness bags, he stood by my side through that whole flight, taking care of me and treating me like I was his own brother.


After Iraq he was in charge of taking care of wounded soldiers and their families. Which I thought fit him well, because he’s so hospitable and welcoming but also takes his job very seriously.

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