The is the graph of who shot the footage in Welcome to America.

Video Length 4:25:00

Shots by Isaac Deitz: 03:40:00 (76.98%)

Shots by friends/acquaintances of Isaac: 44:11 (16.60%)

Shots from stock footage site: 17:04 (6.42%)

Special thanks to:

Nathan Mowery: Wrestling, Concert (The Chariot)

Lisa Beccera: Mexican Grandmother with crying boy, little boy running, Mexican lady making tortillas

Jonathan Gabriel: Homeless man outside when rich lady walks in restaurant, Asian man on subway when doors close, young homeless veteran, trumpet players on street corner, man with flowers in foreground, old woman in subway looking down.

Adam C. Erikson: Mother seeing her child for the first time.

Pascal March: Riot footage, explosions, house fires, CPR, etc. (Pascal is a nightcrawler, someone that listens to police scanners and films footage). He loved the idea and helped me out a lot on this project.

And anyone else that sent iPhone footage and special moments.

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