Facebook Post #4: Dec 18th, 2014

Another list of weird requests for the Lecrae music video that I’m working on.

So far I’ve gotten to ride in a cop car, film inmates in their jail cells, follow the life of a real prostitute, a crack head in his home and so many other cool experiences. My heart for humanity is an inch bigger, I’ve never had the making of a music video or any video project instantly impact my life so much. I hope I can capture the thoughts and feelings that I’ve been having into the video for viewers to experience as well.

So I’m still looking for footage. You’ve all been so great at your responses to my past posts, now I’m trying to get some more specific things.

The theme in this list is tragedy.

I’m trying to convey the human emotion of pain, suffering, tragedy. I’m making this piece on the highs and lows of American living. And I’ve gotten a great deal of highs, but not many lows.

So if you have any footage of something that falls into that or if you have something going on soon that I would be able to film, let me know. I should also mention that this is a non-verbal, strictly visual telling of the highs and lows. So if you have a really sad story to tell, though my heart goes out to you, it wouldn’t fit this particular video. Examples of what I need to film or footage of:


-People crying

-Competitive eating

-Destruction (house fire, car fire, hurricane/tornados ripping into neighborhoods)


-Hospital visits

-EMTs on a scene

-Crime Scenes


-People getting arrested


Believe me, this will ALL make sense when the video is done.

Thanks y’all!

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