Facebook Post #2: Dec 8, 2014

So, I can announce that I’m directing/producing another music video for Lecrae. He is a Grammy Winning artist that has had a Billboard #1 album this year. I’m making a music video for a song from that very album. I normally don’t announce the artist before the release, but I know it might help as leverage to get more willing participants.

So anyway, I’m shooting this music video like a documentary. So I want honest, real-life stories that convey certain emotions, lifestyles or subjects about living in America (not specifically as an American). I’m reaching out to Craigslist and other sources, but I’d really love to cram as many friends (and friends of friends) into this video so I can have even more personal connection to it.

So please consider this, especially if you live in Atlanta, GA or Syracuse, NY:

Remember, these are non-verbal stories. So I need to convey the following strictly visually.

Also, this video will be very honoring to you or anyone you recommend to me to film. The purpose of my idea is to humanize the people that fall into these categories. To show the daily life of an immigrant or someone struggling to pay bills, but certainly not to objectify them. So now that you know my heart, I will be asking for some very strange, possibly very difficult requests:

-someone getting/giving a tattoo (did you have one in mind that you’ve been waiting to get, let’s talk.


-extreme wealth

-living as an immigrant (work life, home life, etc)*

-sadness (if you cry a lot or know something sad is coming up that I can film, funeral, putting dog to sleep, break-up, etc) this one is a difficult one to ask for, but I will honor the subject.)*

-living with old age

-someone riding public transportation

-poor health (anything that visually shows poor health, if you’re in the hospital currently, assisted living)*


-teen rebellion (dressing as a goth, punk, or something else you can think of that would show that).

-a semi-truck driver

-working a typically overlooked job (diner, burger flipper, janitor, maid, etc)

-drug use or dealing (I can blur out faces)*

-gangster or life of crime (I can blur out faces)*

-prostitution (I can blur out faces)*

-Military life

-physical deformities or amputations*

-practice (practicing something you’re working hard to be good at, shooting range, violin, painting, sports, video games, juggling, etc)

-exercise or weight-loss

-police officer/security guard

-foreign gas station employee*

-black southern gospel church

-someone waking up (genuinely, not faked)

-Jail/prison (I’m especially willing to travel if I can get permissions to film in a prison/jail)

-visiting gravesite of someone personal

-celebration (birthday party, pregnancy, etc)

-something bizarre (like gator hunting, competitive eating, snake handling churches, etc)*

-rural living (country, trailer park, etc)

These are what I can think of, but it’s not limited to this list, if you can think of something that might fit what I’m going for, let me know.

Also, I’m willing to use already filmed footage if it falls into most of these categories and was filmed well (even if it was on a cell-phone, just needs to be close-ups, etc).

I’ll be available to film in Atlanta until around December 20th. I’ll be driving from Atlanta to Syracuse, New York. So if you live in either of those places or in route to those places. That’s a bonus. If you don’t, I’m willing to travel for a few of the subjects that have an *. Depending on the extremities of it. If you have personal footage of this or any of these, that might work as well, I’d like to see it first, but I can buy your footage depending on the footage.

Your time can be compensated for any of these as well.

Thanks again for your time, willingness, support and trust in me. I appreciate everyone that responded to my last post. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to everyone personally, I am writing down all my options and I might not be able to contact every “no”, so assume it’s a no, until I contact you. But it’s a very gracious ‘no’.

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